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Video Labeling and Tagging Overview

Autonomous driving technology is undergoing a massive transformation and the speed of change is breathtaking. The established leaders and nimble disruptors make bold plays to thrive in the self-driving ecosystem which includes driver assistance systems, automotive radars, ADAS ultrasonic wave components, LiDAR system sensors, among many others.

Technosoft Corporation is creating a state of the art Autonomous Driving Technology Center to help these customers to interpret and process the videos acquired from this ecosystem and help label objects faster and cost-efficient way. We have developed an end-to-end video tagging workflow system, with an ability to undertake and deliver large video tagging and labeling projects across all aspects of autonomous driving using the latest video tagging tools and software.

Our Capabilities and Services

Our team of experienced editors work exclusively analyzing videos from autonomous cars and help identify, tag and label objects like road signs, lanes, lights, pedestrians, etc. These editors work on the end to end process of playing the videos in your preferred tool, analyze, label and convert them to XML files for further analysis. Some of the classes include:

  • Texture Labelling
  • Vehicle Labeling
  • Pedestrian Labeling
  • RSR Labeling
  • Lane Labeling
  • Light Labeling

For an ongoing project for a leading German OEM’s driving assistance module, a total of 85 classes like guard rail, traffic cone, road sign etc., are currently being mapped with objects labeled in their video annotation tool. This team handles 150,000 labels per day with a Quality SLA Target of 99.50% with calculation of 5 defect per 1000 labels as per our client acceptance.

Tool Expertise:

Our Autonomous Driving Technology Center (ADTC) is housed in a state of the art facility in India and executes projects for some of the leading players in the industry. The ATDC has access to training and expertise on some of the industry tools used to analyze/tag/label videos captured by autonomous/self-driving cars. Some of the tools include:

  • Google Cloud Video Intelligence API
  • Intel® GO™ Automotive SDK Beta
  • MSC Software
  • Auto ware
  • Open pilot
  • Stanford driving software
  • GTA Robotics SDC environment
  • THE OSCC Project

Why Technosoft

Technosoft is a leading BPM services player with a large digital transformation footprint across fortune 500 companies. We are pioneering outsourced services for autonomous vehicle technology and have built a very strong Video Labeling team comprising of video editors, labelers, quality assurance, program management etc. This team provides services from our Autonomous Driving Technology Center (ADTC) housed in a state of the art facility in India and has access to training and expertise on some of the industry tools used to analyze/tag/label videos captured by autonomous/self-driving cars.


  • 21+ Years in the industry
  • 4600+ employees worldwide
  • Privately Owned Minority Certified Company
  • 35+ Fortune 500 customers
  • Forbes Top 16 for hiring Tech Talents

Cost & Time Savings

  • Access to a pool of low cost experienced editors
  • Ability to staff teams across shifts in 24x7 models and work closely with your research teams in various time zones.

Trusted Partners

  • Ford
  • Deloitte
  • Mercedes Benz Financial Services
  • Bosch
  • Microsoft
  • Sprint

Industry Leader

  • Proven BPM player in the industry Industry Leader
  • Efficient program execution with built-in innovation and flexible pricing models


  • Trained editors with experience in identifying 85+ data classes
  • Deliver on 99.55 SLAs

Editing Tools & Software

  • Google Cloud Video Intelligence API
  • MSC Software
  • Auto ware
  • The OSSC Project
  • Intel® GO Automotive SDK Beta
  • The Stanford Driving
  • GTA Robotics SDC Environment