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  • DevOps Overview
  • Tool Expertise
  • Why Technosoft

What is DevOps: DevOps is a combination of Software development and Operations, a term coined by Patrick Debois, an independent IT consultant also known as the Godfather of DevOps. The combination or blending the two processes (S/W Development and Operations) leads to increase in Communication amongst different groups (Build, Test, Deploy and Support team), enhances Collaboration and eliminates teams working in silos.

In a typical SDLC scenario, there are interdependence between the Build and the Operations team. By integrating these functions as one team, DevOps helps the business deploy software more frequently, while maintaining service stability and gaining the speed necessary for more innovation.

Why DevOps: DevOps essentially extends the objectives of the Agile movement to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with the use of specific DevOps Tools. These tools help automate the process significantly in the SDLC cycle starting with Build, Testing, Deployment, Monitoring, reporting etc. Thus, DevOps bring 3 distinct benefits to any organization: Technical benefit- Faster Software Releases, Faster Resolution to problems and Continuous Integration, Business benefit- Enhanced collaboration between teams, increase in communication and Faster time to market, and Cultural benefit- Improved productivity, Higher employee engagements and nicer work environment.

Technosoft Services:

  • Consulting
  • Pilot Framework
  • End to End Implementation

DevOps Service Offerings – An Overview

Technosoft’s DevOps Practices

Tool Expertise:

Build Automation

  • ANT
  • MS Build
  • Maven
  • Team City
  • Jenkins
  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • Ansible

Config Management

  • Visual Sourcesafe
  • TFS
  • Subversion
  • GIT

Other Tools

  • Honeywell
  • Source Code Management: Subversion, Git, BitBucket
  • API Documentation: Swagger
  • Project Tracking: JIRA, Redmine, Trello
  • Test Automation: Selenium

Perf. Analysis

  • J Probe
  • ANTS Profiler
  • J Profiler
  • H prof
  • NDepend
  • AppMonitor
  • Dynatrace

Code Analyzer

  • Fxcop
  • Source Monitor
  • Simian
  • Ndepend
  • ANTS profiler
  • Selenium

Why Technosoft:

Technosoft has invested and built a very strong DevOps Team comprising of Program Management, Business Analytics, Testing, Support and Infrastructure teams which could solve your business problems and help improve your process and operational efficiencies. They form Technosoft’s core DevOps Center of Excellence team.

This team is not only technically experienced, but come with strong Business and Managerial skills letting them adapt to your organizational cultural

The teams are deployable for you in the US or offshore locations like India and neighboring countries at a competitive price range and most importantly at a time required by you.

Why Technosoft


  • 21+ Years in the industry
  • 4600+ employees worldwide
  • Privately Owned Minority Certified Company
  • 35+ Fortune 500 customers
  • Forbes Top 16 for hiring Tech Talents

Best Practices

  • Automated Testing
  • Version Control
  • Proactive Monitoring and Metrics
  • Virtualization
  • Kanban / Scrum
  • Config Management
  • Continuous Integration/Dev/Deploy
  • Cloud

Trusted Partners

  • Honeywell
  • BCBS of Michigan
  • NIDEC Corporation
  • Deloitte
  • Pixel Health

DevOps CoE

  • Core Team technically strong with Business and Management Skills
  • Program Manager, Business Analysts, Developers, Testers
  • Expertise in Industry recognized tools
  • Focus on Automation, Processes and well-defined Metrics


  • Teams available both in US and India
  • Leveraging DevOps CoE to build Core and Flexi teams as needed
  • Teams can be deployed on Contingent Staffing or Managed Services

Innovation & Tools

  • ANT
  • ANTS Profiler
  • J Profiler
  • NDepend
  • Fxcop
  • Simian
  • JIRA
  • Redmine
  • Puppet