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Cloud has become very imperative in all kinds of IT services today ranging from desktop services to ERP services and beyond. Since Cloud is a newer platform compared with others, most of the enterprises have not yet embraced it to tap its full potential. While the time factor is one of the parameters to adapt to Cloud, the nuances it brings along make some enterprises to think before adapting.

Since its introduction in the market, the Cloud Computing has grown in multiple aspects including availability, security, data storage, performance, etc. Currently, some of the mature cloud services can handle any kind of complex and voluminous work-loads anyone can think of. Moreover, instant elasticity of these cloud services best suits some businesses where the work-load spikes are instantaneous and unexpected. This very feature helps these businesses to serve their IT needs with very little or almost no initial investment. At the same time, the cloud’s pay-per-use model helps to cut down their expenses as well.

Cloud Assessment/ Advisory Services

  • Quick & best selection of application for cloud technology and draft the path for an organization to benefit from Cloud Technology.

Cloud based Development Services

  • Utilize cloud based environment for Development and Research purposes lowering your cost and maintenance overheads

Cloud based Testing Services

  • Cloud based Testing of Applications replicating real time scenarios benchmarking performance and saving cost

Application Migration to Cloud

  • Identify the best application suitable for cloud in terms of benefits, and perform significant value with the migration. Focus on Core Business Issues than IT Provisioning

Cloud based Email & Collaboration Services

  • Focus on core competencies of your business. Move responsibility of your organization's communication and collaboration capability to the specialists and lower your costs

Cloud Ecosystem: After carefully assessing the Cloud Computing market, Technosoft has invested in establishing an ecosystem (partners) to deliver value added cloud services.

Cloud Agnostic: Technosoft does not favor any particular Cloud Provider or Technology. Based on our client’s current IT environment and future vision, Technosoft will assess and provide its independent and unbiased opinion.

Cloud Strategy: In order to maintain its unbiased opinion, Technosoft does not believe in investing in building proprietary cloud solutions (Platforms or Infrastructure).

Relationship: Over the past several years of working together, Technosoft has an excellent understanding of Client’s IT and business needs.

With our experience and partnership with multiple Cloud Service Providers, we have developed a large pool of cloud skills both at our onsite and offshore centers.  These skills can be deployed in no time to kick start new engagements. Some of our differentiators are:

  • Vertical Domain specific skills
  • Senior leaders to oversee to the success
  • Complete Quality Deliverables
  • Cost Effective Engagement models
  • ITIL-compliant processes
  • Improved Quality
  • Productivity Gain
  • Asset Optimization
  • Process Efficiencies
  • End-to-end Management

Client: This client uses an online investment advice software offering. This software is offered to Financial Advisors (not to general public) to help them build retirement income plans for their clients.

Business Requirement: Since the company was a startup, the client did not want unnecessary costs involved in setting up a dedicated server infrastructure. The client had requested for the following solutions:

  • Servers to be brought up in minutes
  • Support for rapid growth of their business
  • IT services team to focus only product development and enhancements

Technosoft’s Solution:

  • Technosoft proposed to deploy and maintain the applications using AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud.
  • With Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) services, servers could be brought up in minutes.
  • The computing power and storage capacity can be easily scaled up based on demands without having to stop any applications services.

Business benefits of our solution:

  • Let IT teams focus on improving business, leaving the infrastructure overhead to Amazon
  • Support for rapid growth or slowdown: Since it is difficult to predict the customer growth, if there is a sudden increase of customers subscriptions, Amazon lets us scale our servers capacity on demand without any outage.
  • Pay-per-use: Choosing Amazon Cloud lets us pay only for the infrastructure that is actually being used
  • Disaster Recovery: In case of any disaster recovery, the new server can be brought up within minutes. The AMIs and Snapshots features in AWS are of much help in this regard

Tools & Technology:

  • Amazon Web Services: Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Block Storage (EBS), IAM (Identity Access Management) Console, Route 53 Service, etc.
  • Application Technology Stack: SmartClient, JSON, JavaScript, Core Java, Servlets, Embedded Jetty Server, TEX, GitHub (Git), Apache Couch DB, Debian BasedUbuntu OS and Eclipse.