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Aside from the business impact and customer dissatisfaction caused through poor software quality and higher maintenance costs, enterprises need to also address the burgeoning regulatory mandates and compliance requirements. Consequently there is a growing interest in independent third-party verification and validation services for greater quality assurance.

Technosoft’s verification and validation services are mapped to the stages in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and improve application speed, industrial strength, scalability, reliability and efficiency.

Product Testing

  • System testing that includes requirements mapping, usability and standards compliance, test coverage, defects tracking, test automation and documentation
  • Regression testing for version upgrades
  • Continuous integration testing
  • Migration testing covering system software (Operating System, Browser), platforms (Database, Operating System), data migration, product upgrade
  • Localization testing of symbol, language and content
  • Re-engineered product testing
  • Compatibility testing

Mobile Application Testing

  • Device compatibility testing
  • Security and performance

Testing As Service

  • Test strategy advisory
  • Test process advisory
  • Building CoE and Test labs
  • Full life-cycle testing

Cloud Testing

  • Test lab on the cloud
  • Application load testing

Test Automation

  • Test automation architecture design
  • Design and implementation of automation frameworks
  • Test case automation
  • Test tool evaluation and selection
  • Manual to automated conversion

Underlying Expertise

Regression Testing Mobile Testing
Cloud Testing Infrastructure Testing
Security Testing Memory Profiling
Performance Testing Packaged Application Testing
Compatibility Testing Tool based Defect Tracking

When you partner with Technosoft for Independent Verification and Validation services, you benefit from the strengths accrued over several years and a track record of complex projects.

  • Availability of test repository
  • Technosoft’s Testing framework based on industry standards like TMMi and TPI Next
  • Test accelerators ensures faster test cycles
  • An online tracker tool ensures customers have visibility into test results

The underlying philosophy of our IVV services is ‘Reduce bug debts. Increase value assurance’ and is driven through a proactive and preventive approach to detect bugs early in the lifecycle and thereby reduce bug debts. Our services help

  • Reduce investments needed due to higher maintenance costs
  • Improve adoption of the developed application
  • Reduce the chances of non usability of the application – occurs when critical functionalities are missed out
  • Address performance challenges thus ensuring scalability

A leading information technology services and tools provider improves the reliability, performance and security of its products

Technosoft evaluated the existing 4000 scripts and identified the types of testing needed based on requirements and included functional / regression (including automated regression), performance / stress, data conversion and security.

In addition we identified the testing phases based on requirements and risks associated and included unit / string, integration, Operational Qualification (OQ), Performance Qualification (PQ). We also determined the tests that could be automated.

Technosoft created automated test scripts that leveraged the existing tools that required minimal manual intervention as they were run  independently in batch modes.


Development and testing of a roundtable conferencing device that ensures seamless performance

Technosoft was engaged by world’s leading software corporation to develop and test a roundtable conferencing device. Our team was involved in user interface development, driver development, device diagnostics design and development. For audio/video and imaging the team was responsible for the audio and video DSP (Digital Signal Processing) design and development as well as support for image update (bug fix) and factory production support. We also provided certification support for WHQL and USB. We also performed the Operating System migration from Windows CE 5.0 to 6.0 and rebranding of device firmware.


A mobile platform company ensures compatibility across a range of hardware devices thanks to a superior test strategy and execution

Technosoft carried out testing of the Windows Mobile platform across various hardware devices and did the test automation design. The team developed the GPS API test executables and GPSID test dll, the TUX framework for custom GPS driver tests as well as performed the test automation design for File System, Wifi and GPS drivers. We enhanced the Tux code for custom tests on File system and GPS, performed debug driver failures using simulators and emulators and  wrote test design specifications for Wifi, GPS and file system. We were also responsible for the build and integrate driver drops from OEM partners as well as stress and performance test automation planning of board support packages (BSP).

The tools and technologies used were C++, Visual Studio 2008, Windows Mobile 7, Source Depot, Windows Test Technology, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and Source Control.


A global leader in security products gains marketshare through high performance, user-centric software and legions of satisfied customers

Technosoft’s multi pronged, best practice led quality assurance program and a ready to go test environment played a crucial part in this. Our comprehensive quality assurance strategy and execution spanned Functional testing (Virus detection testing, Spyware detection testing, Firewall testing, Backup & restore checking, Licensing expiration testing, Alerts & Notification testing, system clean up testing) and Performance Testing (Optimizing system boot up time, ensure CPU utilization on different services not exceed 40% and ensure memory utilization by different services should not exceed 200 KB).

Over 8093 test cases were created including 3120 for functionality testing, 2340 for core testing, 1430 for usability testing, 494 for third-party compatibility, 307 for alerts and notifications, 220 for clean up test cases and 88 for upgrade testing.

The team supported the products across 17 operating systems (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 both 32 & 64 bit), 13 other competitor applications and 5 older versions, 2 browsers (Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox) with 3 versions each and different hardware configurations (ex. processors, RAM).

Tools used included Test Track Pro (TTP), Perforce, Plug-in editor, System Mechanic, Process Explore, InstallWatch, WireShark,VB script for regression testing.

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