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Since 1996, Technosoft has been providing highly skilled technical professionals with tremendous job opportunities.  We work closely with you to understand your background, your current skills and experience and your career aspirations.  We do not just “put you in a job”.  We work to put you further on the path to your career; then we work to move you along in that career.  We realize that our success is driven by your success.  The better we do for you, the more opportunities we will have to help others.

Every person we work with has different goals – both Short and Long Term.

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What are your Career Ambitions?

Upgrading your technical skills

We have job openings that help you grow

Assuming a leadership role

We put you on track to take on increasing responsibilities

Increase your compensation

Our compensation package is competitive and our clients need your skills

Move to a new city or state

We have job opportunities and assignments across the US

Move to a new industry

We service all major industries from Financial Services to Telecom, to Pharma to Utilities

Work for a specific company

We can get you in front of the right people in almost any company in the US

File for a new Visa or Green Card

Technosoft has its own, in-house Immigration Department

Secure health insurance for you and your family

Technosoft offers outstanding Health insurance, 401K etc.

Searching for full time, direct employment

We offer direct employment or contract to hire positions

Searching for contract or part time work

We offer long and short term contract positions – either full or part time

Transitioning to IT outsourcing projects

We offer complete IT Outsourcing services and look to engage our existing resources on such engagements

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