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Our integrated business services help healthcare payers provide outstanding customer experiences, maximize operational efficiency, minimize their medical loss ratio & manage the high risk patient management.

  • Immunization services
  • Health risk assessment
  • Wellness services
  • Recruitment - Provider profiling and database services
  • Case Management
  • Flu reminders
  • Brand switch services
  • Medication reminder
  • Disease management support
  • Developed end-to-end ERP solution for a leading Wellness service
  • Flexible staffing during Flu / peak season and on-demand services
  • Automation Tools used:
    • Smart Data capture tool
    • ACO/Analytics : Population Health Profile, Risk Acuity & Population Environment Profile
    • Wellness ERP application (IP owned by our client)
    • TWIMS: Workflow enabling tool
  • Experienced management team, with health insurance BPM services background in Fortune 500 companies
  • A delivery model that optimizes performance to provide demonstrable cost savings of 30-40%
  • We use LEAN and Six Sigma methodologies to simplify existing business processes by cutting down inefficiencies.
  • Highly evolved in key BPM functions such as transition management, account management, client experience and stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Client focus, long term partnerships, integrity and innovation to ensure longevity and sustainability of the organization
  • Stable and profitable organization with about 85% management retention for over a decade
  • Innovative, best-in-class technologies for management and transparency across all functions
  • High standards of people processes, domain knowledge, business process improvement and compliance
  • At 99% accuracy, our adjudicators process medium to high value claims with service levels ranging from 24-48 hours
  • Ability to deliver across the process value chain – providing high complexity support on Actuarial, Disease management, risk profiling, claim fraud detection, investigation.

Technosoft is committed to offering value-added Healthcare BPM + IT solutions to our clients for performance optimization and profitability. We have always aimed to be value partners to our clients, taking pride in their business growth. The company’s operational approach is designed to create strategic partnerships with clients and provide exceptional customer service.

We believe true value is best created when our solutions focus on specific client issues and are developed with intensive analysis and expertise. Our offerings are tailored to mitigate specific customer pain point, and also providecomprehensive, sustainable and scalable solutions. We have large pool of skilled resources who can be deployed in no time to kick-start new engagements, both at our onsite and offshore centers. Some of our differentiators are:

  • Vertical domain-specific skills
  • Organization with strong leadership and a clear vision
  • Senior leaders to oversee the success
  • Cost-effective engagement models
  • Strong focus on business transformation through advanced technology
  • Fully Integrated technological solutions
  • On-shore presence and availability for account management, subject matter expertise and sales assistance.
  • Best-in-class people & practices
  • End-to-end management

Leading Network Management Company plagued with disparate data systems looking at Technosoft to structure their provider networks.

Technosoft provides a highly flexible, scalable solution that helps store, represent, and manage the rich complexities in provider information and relationships. It serves as an intelligent single source for all provider data that supports the information needs of plans, providers and members, improving client operations by 50%.

Technosoft came up with a flexible, scalable solution that helps store the large volumes of provider information, and handle the rich complexities that managing such information entails. It serves as an intelligent single source for all provider data, improving client operations by 50%.

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How we helped a wellness provider achieve revenue growth, rapid market expansion and superior customer satisfaction

The secret behind a leading wellness provider’s revenue growth, rapid market expansion and superior customer satisfaction was an industry pioneering wellness ERP architected, designed and developed by Technosoft. We have partnered with wellness provider to develop an end-to-end resource planning application and upgraded it towards continuous improvement.

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A leading health insurance provider discovers the competitive advantage of its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

Technosoft’s 4 stage approach in Membership Management boosts self-service and contained rates for the insurance provider. With a systematic, user-centric approach to analysis and design of the IVR functionality, we were able to increase the rate of callers with higher containment rates. We were also able to reduce the average call duration by up to 50%, thereby increasing cutomer satisfaction.

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