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We help support healthcare organizations as they address complex challenges, including the need to reduce costs, coordinate care, assume more risk and manage complex payment models. Our healthcare IT solutions include software, services, and consulting to hospitals, physician offices, imaging centers, home health care agencies and payers.

Technosoft provides services to healthcare organizations in the areas of:

  • Application Lifecycle
  • Independent Verification and Validation
  • Remote Infrastructure Management
  • Data Sciences
  • Mobility

Our extensive portfolio of products, solutions, services, and partnerships enable public sector health organizations to improve care, advance public health, lower costs, speed innovation, and function more efficiently.

Our functional areas of support include:

  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Provider database automation
  • Healthcare insurance exchange
  • Wellness automation
  • Membership management
  • Claims management
  • Un-insured application integration and
  • Social security office support

Technosoft has significant experience servicing several State and Local Governments including California, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Montana, Kentucky, Washington, Pennsylvania and Texas. We bring to our customers hundreds of years of collective experience in various Government functions including Child Support, Unemployment Insurance, Medicaid, Eligibility, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Transportation and Education.

Technosoft specializes in developing and implementing scalable, extensible and configurable solutions across various technology platforms.

  • ADM (J2EE, .NET, Sharepoint)
  • Application exposure : - Mainframe, MMIS, MITA , Facets , Pega Workflow
  • Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (TIES)
  • Independent Verification and Validation
  • Mobility (MobXL)
  • Remote Infrastructure Management (TRIMS)
  • Project Planning and Definition
  • Enterprise Architecture Upgrade Planning Implementation
  • COTS Implementation & Customization
  • Transfer Systems Implementation
  • Software As A Service (SAAS)

Eligibility Systems:
Technosoft helps government agencies integrate systems and focus their effort on the needs of the citizens and other constituents. Our expertise in eligibility determination processes spans across multiple programs including Medicaid, women, infants, and Children (WIC), and Low Income Heat and Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Technosoft partnered with a leading US-based consulting firm for application web modernization and create a better front end for users.

Technosoft has helped many State Governments in the development, implementation, enhancement and maintenance of several components of the Medicare/Medicaid systems, including eligibility determination, benefit allocation, benefit payment and distribution, case management, reporting and governance.

Technosoft offers a very dynamic business rules engine-driven solution towards effectively managing needs determination and allocation of transportation funds to countries and municipalities. This web application will allow the computation of needs for cities and countries, distribute funds available from the Highway Tax Distribution fund, and generate reports.

The Benefits Management System:
A unified system that replaces six existing and disparate systems for the purpose of data collection and eligibility and benefit determination. There are nearly 3500 users for this system and span country and state users.

Technology Platform:
The transportation department uses a SAP Project System (PS) module for grants management, construction and operation for the state’s highway system and bridges. Technosoft provided production support for this system.

Wellness ERP:
Technosoft offers web and mobility-enabled ERP application services to payers, with integrated solutions covering physicians, employees and patients. Our solutions have helped payers ‘improve productivity by 25% and quality from 96% to 99%’ while ‘reducing re-admission for chronic patients’.

Our services include HRA , Credentialing, Flu/Vaccination, Onsite / Retail clinic module

Provider database automation:
Technosoft’s automated Provider databases with a ‘Smart Data capture tool‘ which helps in automating functions such as credentialing, contract-loading and maintenance, provider updates and changes. Our success rates are substantiated with an accuracy rate of 98.5%, and an increase in productivity by 50%.

Membership Management:
We provide support to member portals with over 5 million users, performing member eligibility verification, membership management and customer contact center services. We have performed seamless integrations for 9 State Medicaid / Social Security office and 5 Federal State exchanges, using our cutting edge technology and services.

Healthcare infrastructure services:
Technosoft offers integrated helpdesk and iChat solutions to streamline support processes, improve customer satisfaction and win support agreements, by offering a value-added service. Our Integrated helpdesk and chat solution helps leading healthcare organizations streamline processes, achieve high ROI and improve customer service.

Technosoft’s IT infrastructure services are aimed at reduced operating expenses, increased productivity, end-user satisfaction and greater efficiencies.

Technosoft is committed to offering value-added Healthcare BPM + IT solutions to our clients for performance optimization and profitability. We have always aimed to be value partners to our clients, taking pride in their business growth. The company’s operational approach is designed to create strategic partnerships with clients and provide exceptional customer service.

We believe true value is best created when our solutions focus on specific client issues and are developed with intensive analysis and expertise. Our offerings are tailored to mitigate specific customer pain points, and also providecomprehensive, sustainable and scalable solutions. We have a large pool of skilled resources who can be deployed in no time to kick-start new engagements, both at our onsite and offshore centers.

Key differentiators are:

  • Vertical domain specific skills
  • Organization with strong leadership and a clear vision
  • Senior leaders to oversee the success
  • Cost -effective engagement models
  • Strong focus on business transformation through advanced technology
  • Fully integrated technological solutions
  • On-shore presence and availability for account management, subject matter expertise and sales assistance.
  • Best-in-class people & practices
  • End-to-end management

A biopharma service provider modernizes and scales its IT infrastructure for reduced opex, increased productivity, end user satisfaction and greater efficiencies

Technosoft adds continuous value through diverse skillsets, a Systems Operations Center and an Operations Bridge. Technosoft has been working with the client for over 8 years and was selected to help the client move from a fragmented, specialized and distributed IT support model to a unified command center. This enables our client to redeploy their employees to more revenue-generating activities.

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Integrated helpdesk and chat solution helps leading CRO streamline processes, achieve high ROI and improved customer service

A Fortune 500 company and one of the world’s leading biopharma services development services provider uses Technosoft’s integrated helpdesk and iChat solution to streamline support processes, improve customer satisfaction and win support agreements by offering a value-added service. Technosoft was selected to provide customer service and technical support for a portion of the client’s support volumes. In the ensuing four years, driven by client priorities and market conditions, the relationship has grown into a strategic partnership, and Technosoft takes pride in being considered a trusted advisor by the client.

Technosoft’s solution makes extraordinary economic sense and has achieved a high ROI in a very short period of time. The service desk is nearly a 24x7 operation with a very high call volume, staffed with skilled technicians servicing 32,000 employees across 100 offices located around the globe. We have implemented chat templates, live chat monitoring, and improved chat ASA while assisting clients in tracking and analyzing reassigned tickets.

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