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Technosoft, as a leading provider of business and operational services, offers a broad spectrum of customized services that combine advanced technology with highly-trained professionals, enabling hospitals and health systems to maximize revenue and profitability.

With more than a decade of hospital operations experience, Technosoft is committed to improving the financial performance and helping to transform the efficiency of healthcare delivery. We enhance customer experience, improve revenue management, maintain the integrity of clinical revenue and physician and clinical integration, thereby reducing costs without compromising on the quality of care.

Our comprehensive industry-leading solutions include:

  • Scheduling
  • Eligibility and Enrolment
  • Claims and AR management
  • Charge Integrity
  • Patient Access and Engagement, including patient billing and collections
  • Population Health Management
  • Cost and Utilization

Hospital Billing

Hospital Billing

Billing has become a crucial part of revenue management for healthcare service providers and hospitals. Hospitals are at a risk of revenue loss of millions of dollars annually due to under-pricing, coding errors, missed charges and un-reimbursed claims.

Technosoft's medical billing service enables organizations to eliminate such losses and accurately process your medical billing. We offer a comprehensive list of medical billing services -- from demographic entry to patient calling -- with maximum reimbursements and increased productivity for client organizations.

Our billing service incorporate the latest technological and software automated solutions customized to meet the specific requirements of individual clients. Our certified medical billers are experts in medical terminology and are familiar with software such as EPIC, GE Centricity, Imagine, Medical Manager, NextGen, Kareo, Allscripts, Healthpac and more.

Our Services include:

  • Eligibility Verification

  • CPT-4 and ICD-9 Coding

  • ICD-10-ready services

  • Charge/Demographic Entry

  • Payment Posting

  • Denial Analysis & Insurance Follow-up

  • Practice Management Systems

  • Eligibility & Pre-Certification

  • Credentialing

  • Coding Audits

Comprehensive HM Coding

Comprehensive HM Coding

Technosoft offers comprehensive coding services as part of our full cycle revenue management and medical billing services, or as a standalone service for organizations doing their own billing. Our Coding services serve as a focal point of claim charges inheriting full value reimbursements to providers.

Our AHIMA or AAPC credentialed coders provide coding services for leading US hospitals. They have experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings across 25+ specialties and are totally HIPAA complaint and compliant with the Correct Coding Initiatives (CCI) and Local Medical Review Policies (LMRPs). We help leading healthcare companies experience productivity gains and implement higher quality processes, while enabling them to be ICD-10 compliant. Our solutions are flexible in nature and we use innovative technology to perform coding services such as using business analytics to analyze coding errors and offering a variety of reports to track quality and key metrics. Our services are not limited to coding charts, and our value-added services include Discharged Not Final Billed (DNFB) reconciliation, Compliance reporting, Provider deficiency reporting and more.

Due to our rapid deployment and set-up, we have the ability to manage a high volume of medical record coding work within a short turnaround time, with an accuracy rate of 95% or more. We are successfully managing the ICD-10 transition for our clients. We’re ready with a full fleet of ICD-10 trainers and credentialed coders.

Our Offerings:

  • Expert coding and medical record audit services (ICD-9 or 10) with 95% accuracy

  • Dedicated team of certified Professional coders

  • Expert training in coding and documentation,

  • CPT, ICD-9, HCPCS, and DRG coding across various specialties

  • Clinical Documentation Improvement and Deficiency reporting

  • Evaluation and management documentation

  • Chart Auditing

  • A la carte coding services for all, or a portion, of your requirements

  • Coding compliance reviews, audits, and monitoring.

  • ICD 10 migration services

  • Clinical Documentation Improvement and Deficiency reporting

With our hospital coding services, we:

  • Focus on minimizing or eliminating your Discharged Not Final Billed (DNFB)

  • Prevent, reduce, or eliminate your coding backlogs

  • Minimize compliance risks and maximize accuracy rates

  • Handle coding services for a broad spectrum of medical specialties

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Our revenue cycle management (RCM) services help manage customers’ revenue cycles from initial patient encounter to collection and beyond. Technosoft handles the entire reimbursement cycle -- from claims submission to collection and offers the tools and training practices needed to track claims data, ensure accurate and timely claims submission, boost collection rates and optimize billing practices.

Patient Access

  • Scheduling and Pre-Registration including eligibility verification

  • Registration

Revenue Capture

  • Charge Capture

  • Medical Coding

Receivables Management

  • A/R follow-up

  • Denial Management

  • Self-pay follow-up

Our certified coders, billers, and collectors are compliant with OIC, HIPAA, and state and federal requirements. Our billing specialists have expertise in working for multiple states, multiple specialties, and multiple hospital and physician management systems, Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care, Preferred Provider Organizations and Indemnity Insurers.

AR & Denials

A well-organized, competent and economical Accounts Receivables and Claims Denials Management process determines the profitability of the revenue cycle for healthcare providers, jointly critical for the successful running of a healthcare organization.

Technosoft, a global leader with 10+years of experience in providing end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management services, empowers clients with innovative and timely solutions to increase cash reserves and manage denials. Our solution delivers measurable results, lowers the burden on your internal organizational processes and staff, and can be rapidly implemented.

Services Include:

A/R Management

  • Collections

  • Old A/R

  • Eligibility & Demo Verification

  • Resolutions focused AR follow-up

  • Patient Calling and Collections

Denials Management

  • Credit Balance

  • Appeals

  • Correspondence Entry

  • Root Cause analysis A/R follow-up

  • Increased accuracy of claims submission

  • Lower claim collection time

  • Reduce claim defaults

  • Scoring of likelihood of claim approval

  • Actionable Reporting

Advance Analytics

  • Operation and Business metrics dashboards

  • Identification of Anomalous trends

  • Claims denial propensity

  • Denial trend ad root cause analysis

  • Forecasting tool

  • Automated eligibility tools

  • Revenue leakage analysis – Contract coding

  • Cloud-based solution

Our expertise includes:

  • Improved Days in A/R(up to 38-45 days)

  • Experienced A/R callers

  • Enhanced dashboard reporting

  • AR Analytics and BI Solutions

  • Better Collections

  • 99% Quality maintained

  • Periodic Reviews and Training plans

ICD 10

ICD 10

With an experienced team of over 1,800+ healthcare professionals, Technosoft help clients mitigate the risk of impending ICD-10 productivity losses, while increasing efficiencies across the enterprise. Underlying analytical solutions help us to predict ICD10 revenue loss that can help healthcare providers mine existing data for trends and patterns in reimbursement and denials resulting in high-value, actionable improvements for their Revenue Cycle.

Services include:

  • Diagnosis Coding

  • Procedural Coding

  • Coding Review and Audis

  • Provider Education & Deficiency Reporting

  • Clinical Documentation Improvement

  • RAC Audit

  • Clinical and Coding Analytics

  • Coding – Actionable Intelligence

  • ICD 10 - Gap analysis, Risk and Impact Assessment

  • Specialty Coding across 15+ Multi-specialties

  • Dual Coding Support for ICD-9 and ICD-10

  • Consulting

  • Auto Audit tools

Provider Analytics

Provider Analytics

Technosoft is the ‘partner of choice’ for providers to navigate healthcare transformation and stay ahead of today's healthcare reimbursement challenges. Our predictive analytics approach enables hospitals, clinics and physician practices to improve their financial status and patient care delivery models by:

Our solutions, combined with innovative technologies and expert data management services, enable hospitals to undertake risk contracts and deliver co-ordinated care. We provide the insights to -

  • Avoid Costly Re-admissions with Predictive Analytics

  • Resource Optimization - hospitals can forecast patient volumes and leverage the information to help manage costs without diminishing patient outcomes.

  • Improve Overall Patient Satisfaction by having the right staff available at the right time.

  • Improve Patient Outcomes with Accurate Reporting

  • Our Coding process is structured around an automated coding workflow aiming at accuracy, and efficiency of revenue capturing activities by:

  • Detecting Coding errors, reducing A/R outstanding days and denials, and preventing revenue leakage with clinical code recommendations.

Healthcare Information Technology(HIT)

Healthcare Information Technology (HIT)

We help support healthcare organizations as they address complex challenges, including the need to reduce costs, co-ordinate care, assume more risks and manage complex payment models. Our healthcare IT solutions include software, services, and consulting to hospitals, physician offices, imaging centers, home health care agencies and payers.

Our services for healthcare organizations include:

  • Application Lifecycle

  • Independent Verification and validation

  • Remote Infrastructure Management

  • Data Sciences

  • Mobility



Technosoft offers leading edge mobility solutions, with integrated workflows and simple user interfaces that help healthcare providers optimize and streamline the way healthcare data is entered, accessed, and shared, resulting in improved delivery of care.

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As a leading revenue cycle services provider and solutions partner, Technosoft is exclusively committed to serving the needs of the US healthcare industry. We empower hospitals, physicians and other healthcare organizations to integrate key areas of financial performance and improve their cash flow with our analytics-driven, technology-enabled solutions, backed by appropriate technology platforms, human resource skills.

Key differentiators and benefits:

  • Integrated Revenue Cycle solution
  • Deep multi-specialty expertise – experience handling over 25+ specialties and adaptability to different PMS
  • Over 1800+ healthcare specialists across 3 offices in the US and India
  • Certified resources with AAPC, AHIMA & AAHAM credentials
  • ISO 9001 certified since 1999 & HIPAA-compliant
  • Graduate workforce with Life Sciences, Finance, Biology backgrounds
  • Analytics-driven Self-Pay and Collection Solutions - Better Collections, Fewer A/R days
  • Actionable Intelligence with RCM, Clinical and Operational dashboards
  • Proprietary knowledge management and workflow tools with value-added services like provider education and deficiency reporting
  • On-Demand / Scalable Staffing
  • Structured, systematic and sustainable transition with quicker ramp-up plans

Technosoft is committed to offering value-added Healthcare BPM + IT solutions to our clients for performance optimization and profitability. We have always aimed to be value partners to our clients, taking pride in their business growth.

We believe true value is best created when our solutions focus on specific client issues and are developed with intensive analysis and expertise. Our diverse offerings are designed to mitigate customer pain points, and also provide comprehensive, sustainable, scalable solutions. We have a large pool of skilled resources, from which we can deploy people in no time to kick-start new engagements, both at our onsite and offshore centers. We believe true value is best created when our solutions focus on specific client issues and are developed with intensive analysis and expertise. Our diverse offerings are designed to mitigate customer pain points, and also provide comprehensive, sustainable, scalable solutions. We have a large pool of skilled resources, from which we can deploy people in no time to kick-start new engagements, both at our onsite and offshore centers.

Our analytics-driven approach helps clients through:

  • Increased Reimbursement
  • Improved Productivity
  • Reduced administrative cost by 30% - 40%
  • Accelerated cash flow
  • Deep domain and multi speciality expertise
  • Real time reporting
  • Automated workflow tools

The brighter picture: RCM services boost revenues of Radiology practices

A leading national billing company that specializes in Radiology seeks our ‘Revenue cycle management services’ to boost revenues of their partnering Radiology practices.
Our client assists Radiology practices and health systems to handle their growth and capture every penny by offering detailed and customized solutions for billing, collections, insurance claims processing, staffing, revenue trends, and easing the pressure on reimbursements. As a partner to our client, Technosoft provides customized revenue cycle services with insightful advice and data-driven analysis which helps them boost their associated radiology practices’ revenue goals, and increase collection rates

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Leading billing provider drives up revenue for Emergency / ambulance services companies Leading Medical billing provider increases revenue for Emergency / ambulance services companies by 20 % while freeing up 50 % of time spent on operations.

Technosoft understands that balancing EMS and ambulatory services with business and cash flow needs can be a difficult task. Given the intricacies and demands of the industry, we provide a simplified EMS billing alternative with proven cost-effectiveness, streamlined efficiency and unparalleled customer service which helps EMS systems succeed. Technosoft continually utilizes the latest billing industry methods and best practices—as well as proprietary processes—to help our client maximize revenues and the efficiency of their business, servicing emergency services companies.

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Billing & collections services help CHCs manage revenue goals, increase reimbursement rates. Community Health Centers or FQHCs utilizes Technosoft’s cutting edge billing and collections services to manage their revenue goals and increase their reimbursement rates.

With burgeoning healthcare costs, federally qualified health center (FQHCs) are struggling to handle their revenue sources, are unsure about whether their commercial contract rates are appropriate and if the terms are fair. There was not enough Data on collections. The Community centers were reeling under low collection rates and higher denial rates with poor revenue cycle services. Following our engagement, our client instituted processes to improve the revenue standards of FQHCs, with a focus on previous billing and collections efforts. The FQHCs have collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from previously unpaid claims and substantially reduced their average A/R days

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