Why We Are Successful

About Us

Customer Focus

Given our size and scale, every customer without exception matters. Unlike in larger and more established outsourcers where a customer is typically one among several hundred and in the process are bereft of attention, in our culture every customer counts. They can expect the same attention, leadership commitment and personal touch like any other customer of ours. Such is the confidence and trust reposed in us, that for several customers, we are either the sole IT arm or the most preferred and significant partner. This is reflected in the extremely high repeat business of >90% that we have been able to maintain despite severe competition.

Culture of Courage and Confidence

When we took shape as an organization, we entered a crowded market with more recognized and established players who benefited from size and scale. But we recognized that there was an opportunity to make an impact - that a niche existed for a company willing to put its customers’ interests first - someone who would provide the much needed focus and attention that was slowly but surely getting eroded in an increasingly commoditized and deal-chasing environment. What helps us in this quest is the fact that we are privately held. Hence the stakeholders to success are just two, our customers and our employees. This has provided us with the necessary agility and flexibility to take calculated risks, often to address specific business needs of our customers.

It is this trait that has stood in good stead as we have expanded into new industries like Healthcare, IT and BPO and provided enhanced services to industry segments such as security products. Today the former contributes significantly to our overall revenues and in the case of the latter we are a trusted partner to leading ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) to help them solve their engineering challenges.

This trait also lends itself well to situations where there are technical complexities that require a problem solving mindset and an unconventional approach to delivery execution and program management. For instance the development of a Wellness ERP from ground-up for a leading wellness service provider is truly pioneering. Today this application has helped our customer grow revenues, increase productivity and customer satisfaction and help them expand into new markets and service offerings. Or consider the case of a global financial services provider where we implemented a tool based automation solution for their complex reports migration within a narrow window and growing the relationship to providing analytics services and in the process displacing much larger and entrenched service providers.

Talent Acquisition Engine

Companies often get a small window to fulfill specific requirements or address certain opportunities and how one responds makes all the difference between keeping customers happy and winning new business or falling behind and losing momentum. The impact in the case of companies like ours is more pronounced. It is here that the specialized and proven approach to attracting exceptional talent through a well honed talent acquisition engine built over time plays a vital role in identifying, recruiting and deploying highly skilled professionals.

More often than not, recruiting is just-in-time, an outcome of tightly run operations and the need to keep the bench at a manageable level.

It is interesting to know that despite the brand awareness vis-à-vis the majors, we have never struggled in attracting and retaining talent. This is because of the opportunities offered, the exposure given and the flexible and empowering culture.

Focused Services Portfolio

Unlike other service providers, we avoid trying to offer the whole widget of services. Keenly recognizing that scale, expertise, differentiation and a laser like focus are the keys to success, we have undertaken an initiative to rationalize and refocus the services offered. Today the IT and BPO business comprise a portfolio of services catering to Run-The-Business (RTB) and Change-The-Business (CTB).

RTB services comprise Application Lifecycle Services (ALiS), Independent Verification and Validation (IVV), Remote Infrastructure Management (TRIMS), ERP and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). These services are targeted at helping organizations keep the lights on, optimize their investments and technologies by modernizing their applications, reduce costs and allow them to redeploy their in-house IT personnel to more critical and revenue generating projects.

CTB services aim to capitalize on the emerging technology trends and comprise Mobility (MobXL), Cloud Computing and Data Sciences (TIES).

To gain traction, we have consciously segregated the delivery organization from the practice build activities to give it the scale, the investments and the nurturing needed to succeed.

Exceptional Talent

A critical ingredient to our success has been the exceptional talent built over time within the technology, delivery, sales & client partner and the leadership teams. We recognized that to achieve the 4x5x6 vision set out (4x revenues based on year 2010 with 5000 employees and in 6 geographies by 2015) required an infusion of additional talent. Over the last few months, talent drawn from leading outsourcers have brought with them fresh thinking, technology & management capabilities, best practices and innovative strategies that dovetails well with the strengths already inherent to set this company on the next growth trajectory.