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Government organizations have traditionally been exposed to the challenges of changing business conditions due to legislative changes and changing citizen interests. However, over the past few years, Government organizations have been increasingly dealing with the pressures of the need for modernization due to the rapidly changing technical environment and the need for speed-of-thought like access to information through multiple channels including computers and a plethora of mobile devices. Developing domain specific extensible, scalable and configurable solutions has become more important than ever before because of the volatile IT environment and tight budget pressures.

Technosoft specializes in developing and implementing scalable, extensible and configurable solutions across various technology platforms.

  • ADM (J2EE, .NET, Sharepoint)
  • Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (TIES)
  • Independent Verification and Validation
  • Mobility (MobXL)
  • Remote Infrastructure Management (TRIMS)
  • Project Planning and Definition
  • Enterprise Architecture Upgrade Planning Implementation
  • COTS Implementation & Customization
  • Transfer Systems Implementation
  • Software As A Service (SAAS)

Technosoft has significant experience servicing several State and Local Governments including CA, IL, MI, MN, NM, WA, PA and  TX. We bring to our customers hundreds of years of collective experience  in various Government functions including Child Support, Unemployment Insurance, Medicaid, Eligibility, Health Insurance, LIHEAP, Transportation and Education.

Eligibility Systems: Government agencies have a persistent need to perform eligibility determination in an environment where citizen demands are high, available resources are low and the business policies and rules change frequently due to legislative changes. Technosoft helps government agencies integrate systems and focus their effort on the needs of the citizens and other constituents. Our expertise in eligibility determination processes spans across multiple programs including Medicaid, Women Infants and Children (WIC), Low Income Heat and Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) etc.

Medicaid: Technosoft has helped many State Governments in the development, implementation, enhancement and maintenance of several components of the Medicare/Medicaid systems including eligibility determination, benefit allocation, benefit payment and distribution, case management, reporting and governance.

Transportation: Transportation Fund needs determination & allocation systems managing funds set aside towards projects related to upgrade and upkeep of the roads can be a daunting process if the associated systems do not provide the necessary automation and ability to maintain and manage the changing business rules and computations. Technosoft offers a very dynamic business rules engine driven solution towards effectively managing needs determination and allocation of transportation funds to counties and municipalities.


Web modernization of the mainframe based eligibility determination and benefit calculation system

This is an automated system for the administration and management of various public assistance programs. Technosoft partnered with a leading US based consulting firm for application web modernization so as to take advantage of web technologies to create a better front end for users.

The team comprising a system administrator, database administrator, mainframe analyst and developers were involved the in application development, maintenance and enhancement. Other activities included DBA administration, user interface (UI) design and development and user acceptance testing and deployment support.

J2EE architecture, a n-tier architecture was used in creating the web application.

JDBC is used to access the database and the application is deployed on WebLogic Application Server. JSPs are used in presentation layer while EJBs as part of business layer.

The various design patterns implemented are MVC2, facade, factory, delegate, singleton, DAO and Value object. Coherence is implemented to sync cached data between applications running on two different servers.


Development of a web application for the transportation department

This web application will allow the computation of needs for cities and counties, distribute funds available from the Highway Tax Distribution fund and generate reports. The Technosoft team comprises 24 professionals and includes Delivery Executive, a Quality Governance expert,  a Project Manager, an Architect, an onsite-offshore coordinator, Business Analysts, a Quality Lead, Technical Leads, Developers, Testers and a Rules Engine developer.

The team was involved in requirements gathering through joint application development sessions with the business team, application architecture and design, development, testing and product demonstration. Other activities included user training, user acceptance testing support and deployment support.

This application uses a 3-tier J2EE architecture based on open source frameworks and libraries, Hibernate for data access and Oracle 11g as the database. Rich internet user experience is achieved through Primefaces UI framework with Java Server Faces for the presentation layer. Reporting functionality is accomplished through Crystal Reports and .NET reporting framework. JBOSS Drools Expert is being used as the core of the business rules engine framework to provide a robust and easy to use rules repository with ability to create, maintain, test and promote rules. The application is deployed on JBOSS J2EE container, one of the leading J2EE application servers.

Scrum development framework is used with shorter iterations spanning 20+ days together with Agile development practices like pair programming and continuous integration. Requirements and Design are progressively elaborated during subsequent iterations prior to commencement of development and testing during those iterations.


Benefits Management system development and maintenance

The Benefits Management System is a unified system that replaces six existing and disparate systems for the purpose of data collection and eligibility and benefit determination. There are nearly 3500 users for this system and span county and state users.

The Technosoft team comprised a Mainframe developer, a COBOL developer, 4 Java developers, 2 Testers, 3 Adobe Lifecycle developers and 2 PowerBuilder developers. The scope included analyzing the business requirements and ensuring coding compliance, migration of the existing system to a new one, ensuring the Technical Design Document was adhered to and developing the required components, layouts and templates for online access and viewing. Other activities included system authorization, test scripts (creation, development and maintenance) and testing – both system Integration and user interface.

Tools and technologies: Java 1.5/1.6, J2EE, Struts, JSP, EJB, JavaScript, JDBC, WAPT Load Testing tool v2.5,HP QuickTest Professional v11.0, HP LoadRunner v11.0, HP Mercury Test Director v8.0, COBOL, TUXEDO,  NetExpress, Oracle DB, Unix, Adobe Flex, Adobe LiveCycle Designer 10.0, Adobe LiveCycle Workbench 10.0, Adobe Experience Server, Adobe Document Server, Oracle.


SAP production support for a transportation department

The transportation department uses SAP Project System (PS) module for Grants Management, Construction and operation for the state’s highway system and bridges. The Technosoft team provided production support of this system.

The scope included providing L2 support, analyzing, implementing and testing sap notes and support package for production support, functional specifications for enhancements and customizations, issue resolution for modules like AM, FICO, MM, SD, Funds management and Grants management, troubleshooting issues in the Project System and Asset Accounting module. The team also created a SAP interface to map the GIS information with SAP, integration between Funds Management and Budgeting in the PS module and Identifying and supporting continuous improvement of FICO, PS and AM business operations.

The team also maintained a knowledge database in the PS and Asset areas for supporting “How to” queries, mentored the support team, supported various forms for project creation with project characteristics and workflows and on a continuous basis improved the processes and data quality through an active dialogue with support team.