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ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) are concerned with product quality, performance and quick turnaround in the rate of virus detection.

Enterprises require comprehensive email and web security, an established patch management routine for protection from the latest vulnerabilities and exploits and being up-to-date on the latest threats and attacks in the wild along with an effective remediation strategy. But their biggest concern, and one which has a direct impact on the security ISVs, are false positives.

Technosoft’s services are targeted at both security product vendors and enterprises. Our core expertise exists in testing the internal core functionalities of security products (standalone and suite) and email archiving products, heuristics and root kits testing, Email and URL filtering, signature creation and malware reverse engineering

Quality Assurance

A robust and mature software quality assurance (SQA) and testing program is essential in delivering security products that are robust, of high quality and deliver high performance. Testing services focus and coverage

  • Performance
  • Functionality
  • Compatibility
  • Licensing
  • Alert mechanism and notification
  • Regression
  • Acceptance
  • Usability
  • Update, upgradation and content update
  • Install/uninstall
  • Benchmark
  • Vulnerability assessment and Penetration

SDK & Engine Testing

  • Windows hardware certification
  • Win app certification
  • Functionality and performance

Localization Testing

  • String translation testing in multiple languages (French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese and Italian)
  • GUI
  • Functionality
  • Documentation

Malware, Threat Intelligence and Signature Taking

Research and programming support for detection, analysis and removal of malware. The team researches files, analyzes them, develops methods of detection and conducts tests across multiple platforms. Services include:

  • Malware Sample Collection: Maintaining a database, continuous update by internal collection team including zero day and sample replication
  • Reverse engineering malware (Forensic analysis) – Static and dynamic analysis of malware behavior including payload and distribution methods, analysis of polymorphic cryptors/viruses and Advance persistent threats (APT). Publish these analysis as virus description
  • Threat research – One-to-one signature creation based on checksum and generic signature for detecting the entire family
  • Application Whitelisting: Database of legitimate files and applications authorized for execution. Helps in eliminating false positives. Ground up creation or maintenance and enhancement of existing ones
  • Product validation for certificates and enhance engine

Big Data Security

  • Collect the log: From applications, databases, endpoints, firewalls and network devices through customized or our customer’s log capture tools
  • Correlate the log: In a structured format after eliminating unwanted logs for easier analysis
  • Output analysis: Analyze big data and provide 24/7 support
  • Alerts: Only valid and actual security incidents eliminating the false positives

24x7 Customer Support

  • Query resolution
  • Malware cleaning and system disinfection and remediation support with 4 hour SLA
  • Multi-channel (phone, email, web chat)

Vulnerability Assessment & Patch Management

  • Tracking of all vulnerabilities and provide latest patches with proper change management
  • Track record of working with leading security product vendors and exposure to a wide ecosystem of products
  • Supported products across 48 variants of Windows
  • Databank of test cases
  • Malware sourcing database and Clean file database
  • Virus encyclopedia
  • Increased productivity through automation
  • Ensure compatibility of your security products across operating systems and browsers
  • Competitive benchmarking  to identify feature enhancements
  • Certification testing support (Windows hardware and Windows app certifications)
  • Malware reverse engineering
  • Signature creation (One-to-one and generic)
  • 24x7 and multi-channel product support

A global leader in security products gains marketshare through high performance, user-centric software. Leads to legions of satisfied customers

The credit for this success goes to our multi-pronged, best practice-led quality assurance program and a ready-to-go test environment. Technosoft carried out cross-platform (multiple variants of Windows like NT/98/ME/2000, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows Server 2003/2008) and cross-browser testing (Internet Explorer versions, Firefox, Netscape, Opera and Safari). We also carried out interoperability testing, performance testing, update and upgrade testing of older versions, and localization testing. Other activities included compatibility testing with third-party vendors, false positive testing, release testing of test definitions and signatures and benchmarking against competition. These were done for standalone antivirus products, security suites and endpoint products.

Download to read this in-depth case study.


Technosoft hastens the migration of an Email archival product to the cloud

We carried out the development of this application and its migration and associated data from the datacenter to the cloud. Activities included application development, architecture of the next release of this product for 100% cloud enablement with a focus on security and reliability, application maintenance (L3 and L4 support for legacy system as well as current version). Subsequently migration of the legacy database from the client’s network storage (My SQL) to the cloud in My SQL cluster, tool development for quick data migration, data integrity check pre- and post- migration, data availability testing and finally stability and performance testing was carried out.


Leading antivirus software companies outsmart viruses and malware and makes the Internet safer

We helped improve detection, reduce escalations by customers and were at the forefront of rapid zero day responses. Threat intelligence and signature creation were done for two leading antivirus products where the teams carried out malware analysis, publishing of the new malware activities and techniques used by the malware, signature creation and malware classification based on behavior. Other activities included application whitelisting, Registry, folder & URL categorization and reporting of any bugs or vulnerabilities in the engine.


Development and testing of a roundtable conferencing device that ensures seamless performance

Technosoft was engaged by the world’s leading software corporation to develop and test a roundtable conferencing device. Our team was involved in user interface development, driver development, device diagnostics design and development. For audio/video and imaging the team was responsible for the audio and video DSP (Digital Signal Processing) design and development as well as support for image update (bug fix) and factory production support. We also provided certification support for WHQL and USB. We also performed the Operating System migration from Windows CE 5.0 to 6.0 and rebranding of device firmware.


A mobile platform company ensures compatibility across a range of hardware devices thanks to a superior test strategy and execution

Technosoft carried out testing of the Windows Mobile platform across various hardware devices and did the test automation design. The team developed the GPS API test executables and GPSID test dll, the TUX framework for custom GPS driver tests as well as performed the test automation design for File System, Wifi and GPS drivers. We enhanced the Tux code for custom tests on File system and GPS, performed debug driver failures using simulators and emulators and  wrote test design specifications for Wifi, GPS and file system. We were also responsible for the build and integrate driver drops from OEM partners as well as stress and performance test automation planning of board support packages (BSP).

The tools and technologies used were C++, Visual Studio 2008, Windows Mobile 7, Source Depot, Windows Test Technology, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and Source Control.